Miami Fishing Report – January 1st, 2013

Miami Fishing report - Big Tilefish caught on a fishing charter boat Miami

Miami fishing report this week is about the Big Tilefish our customers have been catching.  With fish over 25lb we have been catching the seasons largest Golden Tile fish.  We have been finding the largest Golden Tilefish out past 600 foot of water and out as deep as almost 700′.  Our methods have been using light spectra lines on the 20lb to 30lb range.  Spooled on light electric assist reels like the Diawia or Shimano. We fish them on matched light standup rods.  The key is to use as light a lead as possible under the conditions.  With light current a pound works well.  Rigs made from lighter mono or fluorocarbon also work best

Miami Fishing Report – Golden Tilefish

Miami Fishing report - Big single Tilefish caught on a fishing charter boat Miami

This weeks Miami fishing report takes aim on how we catch the largest Golden Tilefish.  These fish live in the mud.  They create tunnels and burrows to live in.  To find the tiles you must first find the soft mud.  One you have located the habitat, you must offer them a fresh meal.  The larger Tilefish are picky predators.   The best way to get them to eat is offering them fresh cut bait.  We always fish for fresh bait first.  Fish your lighter rig right on the bottom.  Keep the rig under the boat and let the current move the boat . Just keep the rig “bouncing” the bottom.  Be quick to hook fish on the bite.  They are aggressive quick strikers, and will steal your bait if you are not ready.

Once you hook a big Tilefish keep the pressure on !  They will fight hard and flip around on the rig.  Strong and steady tention will keep your Tilefish on the hook and headed for the surface.  State laws only allow us one Tilefish per person, so target the larger ones and make your drop count.  For more information or to book a fishing charter visit our original web site or give us a call at (305) 785-0552.

Miami Fishing Report…

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